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весь этот эксгибиционизм духовных мытарств и литературщина помогают сносить тотальную неудовлетворенность. ведь там, где эпичность жизни дает трещину, появляется лирика.


"The joint project of composer, pianist and keyboard player, and Odyssey Bogussevich
writer Alexis Poletaeva - one of the infrequent in the national music
experience coupled musical improvisation and artistic expression. Then
disturbing then scary, then forcing a smile prose
Miniatures Poletaeva organically merged with the solo game on Bogussevich
piano and synthesizer, often based on recognizable jazz
archetypes (blues, STRIDE, ballad, etc.) and quite rapidly
flow into one another, creating a whole musical-textual canvas
- Something like a jazz audiobooks, only music is played here is not
subordinates representational role, as an equal with the text. "
Cyril Moshkov,
Editor in Chief "Jazz.Ru"
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